2017 Trip to Greece

Our senior dance group was very fortunate to have attended dance seminars in Giannina, Epirus, Greece this summer.  The group is very thankful to the community as a whole and to council for being given this wonderful opportunity. We would like to thank you for the generous donation and for making all our fundraising efforts such a success.  Without you the trip would not have been possible.

We would also like to thank and acknowledge the very generous donations of:

Mr. Panos Sechopolous
Mr. Spiros Govas
Mr. Steve Koutsonicholas
Dr. Chris Spirou
Dr. George Valaris
Ms. Georgia Kanelopoulos
Mr. Michael Sobhi & family
Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Maria Rigakos
Mr. Kostas Apatsidis
Mr. Lazaros Dimitriou
Mrs. Bessie Lianakis

While in Giannina we were taught many dances from the region by some very wonderful and well known instructors. Not only did they teach us the dances, but the history and customs of the region as well.  We were able to dance at panigiria, to visit with locals at different villages (Teriachi, Pogoni; Kapesovo, Zagori; Chuliarades, Tsumerka; Klimatia, Zitsa; Metsovo; Pigi, Konitsa) and to see some amazing sites (war museum of Kalpaki; Vikos gorge; Dodoni; Theogefiri).

Our trip was a very enriching experience that gave us a better understanding not only of our history as Hellenes but the struggles our forefathers endured for so many years and how these are all expressed through song and dance.  We look forward not only to showing everyone what we learned but to passing this knowledge on to future generations of our dance group.