Candle Lighting & Tray Donations

As we navigate through these difficult times, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church of Windsor invites all the faithful to remotely light a candle and offer a prayer.

Fr. Evangelos will light as many candles and vigil candles as you would like to have lit, providing the name(s) you would like to have read for each candle.  Please email father directly to or you can also call Fr. Evangelos at 519-903-0641 to make your request and provide your name(s).

To make a donation for the candles requested or a tray offering, simply press the “Donate Now” button below.

Donations can also be mailed via check addressed to:

Greek Orthodox Community of Windsor
3052 Walker Rd., Windsor, ON   N8W 3R3


May God continue to bless and protect all the people of the world as we navigate through these challenging times.


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